Cinnamon Sticks

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English Name: Cinnamon

Indian Name: Dalchini

Scientific Name: Cinnamomum verum/Cinnamomum cassia

Form: Sticks

Health Benefits: Lowers Blood-sugar level, cholesterol, Anti-bacterial etc.

Cinnamon harvested from the North East region is full of flavor and is of a superior variety due to its unique characteristics. It has a warm, pungent sweetness to it, which adds exotic flavor in both sweet and savory foods. Its sweet woody fragrance is what is highly desired.

As a spice, it is used for culinary seasoning, as a flavor for baking, as a traditional medicine for curing stomach cramps, gut health etc.

And, the essential oil extracted from its bark is widely used for aromatherapy, for boosting immunity and for alertness.

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